Errands for the Elderly

My Story

I live 5 hours from my elderly parents, who live in a very rural area.  I have security cameras so that I can see them, however, there are times when I wish someone would just stop by and spend the afternoon with them, or take them out for ice cream.  Something as simple as change the batteries in the fire alarms, or change the unit from heating to air condition.   

Recently, there were several natural disasters and the roads were closed so I was unable to get to them. I remember saying what I would give to have someone go check on them  when they  lost electricity because of the storm. The cameras were down so I was terrified.   That is why I started this division.  So that people like me could pay to have a variety of non-medical services available to them, not just during natural disasters.  

I wanted someone I could trust, someone THEY could trust and so I reached out to people in THEIR community, people who knew me growing up and who knew my parents.  Our Errands for the Elderly is about connecting people who already know each other through family, friends, church etc.

Linda Chatmon, Owner  

Our Errands for the Elderly provides income earning opportunities for individuals in the community, while providing peace of mind to our clients, and services to their loved ones. We are duplicating this model, in other rural areas.  Please subscribe to our mailing list and or stay connected to our social media on updates to areas we serve.

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